Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tournament update!

Good news! TKA has decided to top up the winner's pot to DOUBLE it in size, meaning for every dollar collected thru entrance fees TKA will add an additional dollar to the prize pot.

I've updated the previous post with updates on tournament prizes and format! As for the format I've confirmed that there will indeed be group stages just like before. This means all participants will get a minimum of 4 games in.

On a side note, what do you guys think of the NEXT tournament after this Friday's to be 2v2?


  1. What do you mean 2v2? As in tag-team kinda game? If it is I'm all up for it!! Very interesting concept :)

  2. 2v2? Hmm, seems good, but will reduce the number of competitors.
    This is partly due to the reason that the SF4 community is not that grown yet.
    Will be good though to try it out, maybe even do it like KOF. Hahah.
    Will get to see new variations if there's 2v2.
    Less of an upset though, in my opinion. Hee.

  3. I'm not a strong player, so whoever tags with me, good luck!

    Personally I still prefer 1v1. It's like, one mountain cannot have 2 tigers theory. But all these are out of good faith in the name of friendly sparring through the game.

    Anyway, I will mention your upcoming tournaments shortly in my blog later.

    Hope it helps to draw you some crowd somehow.

  4. Do you happen to have a facebook account for SFIV Singapore? I think it can gather some crowd from there as well.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I think 2v2 is fun actually because upsets are more common because good+not so good players will be together, thus evening out the playing field.

    That and add to the fact that SF4 at SBO this year is 2v2 so we should start getting used to the format. ;p

    Yamizi: Thanks for the mention in your blog, I really appreciate it. That Facebook group is a good idea really! Let me work on that during the weekend.

  6. That was a hell of a tournament... I had a blast! Can't wait for the next one.

    Props to Tien Lang and everyone else who helped out. You guys did a great job. Also wanna compliment Tien Lang on his commentary... really made things even more hype then they already were.

  7. Hey, this is some great stuff you guys are doing. Was watching the tournament during the group stages, some pretty amazing matches!

    Some things to note:

    1) It seemed pretty weird and funny to me that the tournament was restricted to four machines while the other four nobody played because everyone was trying to watch the tournament matches.. Some even grabbed the stools for those machines and stood on it to watch! Maybe just use all the machines instead?

    2) You mentioned that those not good should try their hand out at the tournament.

    I feel that for the lower skill players (which I am part of), doing so will be time consuming and not as helpful, as the opponents are playing at their very best. We will just be defeated pretty quickly, comboes won't come out properly due to stress from spectators watching, and we won't learn much from the mistakes.

    What I suggest is that we can form a group of players that frequent a specific arcade (AMK, Plaza Sing, Jurong Point etc) to know each other through this site or a forum (is one being organised?) and so exchange tips and have friendly matches with each other at their SFIV hangout?

    Currently I notice that many players just play alone by themselves, or have their own group (in which they really improve pretty quickly) and are pretty cold when it comes to other people. I also play alone or with 1 or 2 friends and find it hard to have any sort of friendly conversation with other opponents.

    Here's to a bigger, friendlier and more skillful Street Fighter IV Singapore Community!

  8. Amen to that post Psychtion. Agree with you on the lower skill players thing.

    I'm not sure if there's a forum or some sorts in the works but maybe this may help u?
    Pple like me, AcidicEnema and Yagami do visit that thread so I guess it'll have to do for the time being haha. Perhaps more peeps reading this blog could join us there too!

    Oh and thanks a bunch Tien Lang and TKA for taking the effort to organise this tourney. It was really fun! :)

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  10. Yeah, it was a fun night.
    Allowed me to feel the stress of playing with Yagami (Tien Lang) El Fuerte. Haha. Nice!

    I also liked the idea of the different bands of people in different arcades starting friendly games, its even more grassroots as it will start out on a smaller basis, then bring them as small groups to bigger tournaments, then knowing other groups from other arcades as well.

    I think a forum will be the next step taken as it seems to complement most of the steps that might be taking place next.

    The FaceBook idea is good, allows people to know more about this faster, and also allows one to create events to increase awareness. Should be a success. =)

    For now, the shoryuken thread will be the main thread for posting, for those local stuff for SF4 you guys can visit the BOB forums (, but there probably will be an official one coming up soon, and probably will be announced in this blog. Stay tuned!

  11. I used to hang out at Plaza Singapura's TKA but after knowing that Junction 8's also have SF IV machines, I'm hanging out there 'cos I stay in Ang Mo Kio. If you see a small eyes, plump guy with messy hairdo and die-die also use Akuma, that's me! Come up and say hello okay? I may look fierce but I very kind one. =P

    I think one of the greatest obstacle in playing SF IV itself is that you need 2 tokens for normal gameplay. Even though I'm working, I still find a dollar a game quite steep for me.

    I suggested the facebook account because I help promoting some events through facebook and I think the turnout and awareness are not bad. And there are already SF IV facebook groups just that there isn't anyone for SF IV Singapore yet. So if Yagami starts one, and everyone of us chips in, update whenever there's event and all of us help to do the multiplying effect, the news will spread faster.

    My feedback on the tournament is great on the overall. Besides one of the earlier comments that we could have used all 8 machines, is it okay to have the registration held at the main counter? 'cos I find that at the machines location was dark and noisy which sort of hindered the registration and grouping in one way or another.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Haha was playing with the deletion.
    Anyway, here it is, a simple group format I started, to see how it works.

    Yagami, maybe we could do a group that encompasses all the fighting games instead of just SF4, so that the membership will be higher?

    Also, this will have greater reach.
    However, the name of the group will be required to be more catchy and yet not too kiddish/singlish. I'll leave it up to you guys.

    As for now, you may wish to use the above link as a start, I think the postential is great, it could even be used as a forum (sort of).

    Only downside is that there is no anonymity, so people may hesitate to join. Hee. Other than that, I think it could serve well as a forum, being allowed to post videos and such too.

  14. Hi Psychtion, welcome to the blog. =)

    I agree fully with both your comments. Regarding the SF4 machines, I'll look into that for the next tourney, but I observed that last Friday, people were still playing on the other 4 machines regardless of the tournament. I'll have to ask TKA about the RoR(rate of return) on those 4 machines that night.

    And about having more casual SF4 gatherings, I'm all up for that! We'll definitely need a centralized method of communication, and that's why a massive project to meet that need is underway. Watch this space (blog) for updates.=)

    Thank you guys for coming down last Friday. I'm really glad you enjoyed yourselves!

    Thanks Artist for the Facebook account, let's see how it works out and how we can improve it over time.

    Yamizi: I'll look into counter registration. As for now, we're looking at ways to computerize the registration/bracketing process, so I hope that helps.

    AcidicEnema: More Rufus representation! Thanks for the compliment about my commentary. I always try to make it interesting for both hardcore+casual players to listen to haha.

    luvselina: You're welcome. =)

  15. Hi Yagami,

    I think if the registration is to be submitted to you prior the actual day, that will facilitate you into grouping. Probably can be done through email.

  16. I think registration should be done earlier too, but probably still on the spot on that day.

    This is because the number of competitors may drop if they have to commit.

    Also, we should always welcome on the spur competitors, who are at the arcade on that very day.

    The most important thing may be to use a notebook to register and use it to randomize and come up with the draw. I'm sure an Excel program could do that just well.

    I would also like to suggest that results are shown on the projector screen (group results and quarters/semis/finals)
    As in, a tree format, where you can see how the champion and the finalists/semi-finalists fought their way up.
    This may reduce confusion, and may allow people to point out any mistakes made in the shortest period of time.

  17. Yup, we'll be looking into laptop reg+projector screens for the next tournament!