Friday, January 23, 2009

New look+Registration-Free Commenting

As you can tell I've ripped off the arcade banner and used it as the website banner...for now. Plus, you can now comment on this blog without having to register with blogspot or google!


  1. nice update. hah.

  2. Yoz..How about a forum??
    Or any recommended forum for sf4 singapore players?

  3. nice!! appreciate the effort trying to organise tourneys on a regular basis and I like the new layout. Even though its only temporary :)

  4. hey tian ,

    check out this link . talked to you about this tagbox before . :)

  5. Glad you like the new look guys.

    I checked out the cbox thing, I've seen it around before, it's good stuff. I would much prefer our own forum tho, but I need someone to help me create+administer it cause I suck at that shit haha

  6. Oh and in the meantime please register for the forums and post in this thread.

  7. Hey guys, I do play SF4, not as pro as you guys, but I'm actually in charge of moderating the SF4 subforums for SG players at

    This is by default a Xbox Forum, SF4 is released on consoles in February, and so there's a small community of SG people there, maybe about 20-30, and some of us do go arcades.

    I myself play most often at J8, sometimes AMK recently. Uses Zangief.
    I will be Divine Artistry in the Forums.

    This may not be your own forums, but I assure you you have a better reach to people playing SF4.

    On the other hand, I did link your blog over there, you can also let others know about your blog.

    I believe this allows people to communicate better over there, although its far from being Shoryuken, its still good.

    If you would like to tell your friends about it, just tell them its BOB forums. Google it, it should be the 2nd link. SG website.

    Lastly, I may be able to help with the tournaments if required, I helped out with TKA's WCCF Tournament last July. Let me know if you require assistance on this.

    Anyway, the key reason for posting here is to let you know I can offer you guys a forum space that is populated by SG players, our very own SG website / forum / community.

    I also have threads that says where people are going for their arcade daily, with you guys in, it'll be better, as people like to watch other good players play.

    Last but not least, its easier for anyone to create a thread and then post there to discuss.

    Sorry for the wall of text!

  8. Hey Artist,

    I'll gladly take any help I can with running the next tournament. Can you drop me an email so we can discuss further?

    As for the forums, check out my reply to you on

    I feel it would be best if the Singapore SF4 scene had it's very own forum, and I'm just worried PS3 users won't feel 'at home' in a BOB forum.

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