Monday, March 23, 2009


Clicky clicky on the poster for its full-size.

This is a no holds barred tournament meaning I have reset tournament placings and anyone can team up with whomever they want, unlike in previous tournaments where top players were not allowed to team with each other. This Friday's tournament is going to be a deviation from the casual format we've been having and will be hardcore, DOUBLE ELIMINATION from the start. Thus, the restriction to 16 teams only.

I'm doing this because I want everyone to experience what a real tournament is like. Since all the top teams will be legit this time around, I'm expecting an even better atmosphere, closer to what you'll see at international tournaments like Evo and Tougeki (Super Battle Opera)

While many top players, including those on the poster, have already registered, there are still some slots left. If you want to participate or if you know someone who would like to, please register in the comments section of this post OR send me an email with your a) Team name, b) Names AND Nicknames of team members and c) Which characters you will be using.

Only 4 out of the 8 machines at Bugis will be used to even if you don't plan on joining, do come down and get some games in and watch the very best in Singapore play. Get hype!!!

For rules and regulations click here. Everything's the same except for the tournament format. Oh and as usual if you're looking for a teammate, you can post in the comments section as well and I'll pair you up. See you there!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Street Fighter: Friends, and from all over the world + Friday 2v2 Results

It's been 18 years since I first stepped up to that Street Fighter 2 machine in the Philippines, coaxed by my cousin, not knowing who to pick and how to even jump. How was I to know that that simple moment would be the beginning of such a crazy, fun, sometimes frustrating and absolutely amazing journey playing Street Fighter? While I've gotten into all sorts of messy situations because of the game and I probably played too much for my own good(I should write about that stuff someday), I have no regrets because of the many, many friends I've known through the game. At the end of the day, Street Fighter is just a game, and while I can't say for sure if I'll still be playing when I'm married with kids(Though I'd LOVE to teach my boy SF. You go Chwan!), I'll always treasure the friends I've made playing this crazy game.

In all my efforts here promoting Street Fighter and all that, I pray to God that it's not the GAME I'm building, but the COMMUNITY. If some of you guys reading this are feeling that some relationships are taking a hit in your life because of Street Fighter, let me say right now that it's not worth it. If you're the best in this game but a bad sport, its not worth it. Street Fighter is a tool that can teach you to be a better person and help you make friends, or it can teach you to be an asshole and help you make enemies. It's your choice.

Me, I've chosen the former, and I've been privileged to be able to be accepted in different parts of the world just because I play the game. While I can hardly speak or understand Korean, Street Fighter was the common language that helped me bond with complete strangers at the arcades there. I met life-long friends and my first girlfriend in a Philippine arcade. I made friends with a Japanese arcade operator in Yokohama using his split-screen translation software. I can go to many places in the world now where I'll be welcomed at the home of someone who plays Street Fighter: America. Australia. Germany. Indonesia. Malaysia. Canada. Was is Seraph in the Matrix who said, "You do not truly know someone until you fight them."? While not true in all contexts and situations, it somehow rings true in Street Fighter.

And when Street Fighter players come to Singapore, I love meeting them, showing them around my country, letting them try our kickass food and having them over at my place for some Street Fighter sessions. So it's pretty apt that in the past 3 months, we've had SF visitors every month.

Second from left, to my right, is Capcom Versus SNK 2 celebrity Desora aka Yamada Keisuke, the most famous Raiden player in the world. He stopped over Singapore on a solo Asia tour and got into contact with me via Youtube, as I posted a CvS2 match long ago. We had great matches with him in CvS2, got completely annihilated in Third Strike, good games in Alpha3 and I got a few games in with him in SF4. And of course, a nice dinner where he gave each of us a little souvenir from Japan. Now, I have a friend in Kyoto that I can hit up anytime.

Second from left, to my left, is Kim Tae Yeon from Seoul, Korea. With a very aggressive Blanka, we had a little tournament for him at Bugis where everyone had fun. He joined me for Church on Saturday and we showed him around Singapore a little. I also had a few PS3 games with him at my place.

Last but not least is DashKen aka Ken from Hong Kong. His Zangief style was definitely different from any Singaporean I've played, it's hard to explain! We traded games all around, and I got a few insights into the HK scene, and lots of comments regarding the beauty of Singaporean women lol!

Well, it looks like the trend of a visitor per month is going to continue with the arrival of my very good friend and first SF4 sparring partner, Laugh aka Ryan from Korea sometime next week. He was really gracious to let me stay at his place when I was in Seoul last year, and he's one heck of a SF4 Chun Li player. While he really hates the Japanese sticks that are used in arcades here (Korean sticks are...different), I'm sure he'll give the best players here a run for their money nonetheless. Look out for him at the next tournament in Bugis on the 27th.

And speaking of tournaments, our last 2v2 at Bugis was our biggest with 42 participants and of course, 3 winners. Here they are:

1st: Team Tan & Guan with Peihoon and Ah Guan
2nd: Team Toa Payoh with Leslie and Vincent
3rd: Team Awesome with Daniel and Christopher
*Edit* Apologies for the mixup. I'm still getting used to using my new tournament organizing software, and names were ommitted during the registration process by the team for some reason. Rest assured we are constantly applying new things we learn and are committed to making the tournament experience smoother, more efficient and fun for everyone. *End Edit*

I must say, Peihoon really is dominating the Singapore scene right now. He's currently the clear number 1, capable of winning a best of 3 series with every other top player in Singapore. Will he win again in two weeks time? Stay tuned, lol. Congrats again to all the winners and thanks again to all who came down and participated! Even if you didn't win, as usual, I say you definitely leveled your game up.

Street Fighter is a great game, but it's just that, a game. The people and the community will always be more important, so here's to good friends and good games.

Oh and for those of you who have been playing SF4 exclusively at home online, you're missing out on the best part. =)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Legend of Chun Li event+ Announcement Next Tourney announcement!

I wonder who she's kicking? Bisooooon?!

Mark getting real close to Chun...

The 'challenge' was underway...

And the winner of a brand-new PS3!

So the event did go ahead, and it was open to all walk-in contestants. Basically, we were allowed to choose any character versus a representative they had from E2Max who played as Chun Li. We weren't allowed to use our joysticks. =(

All winners got an invite for 2 to attend the Legend Of Chun Li gala premier this Wednesday! Lots of our sf4singapore guys managed to get their hands on the invites, so that event should be fun.

What happened after we won the E2max rep? It was extremely gut-wrenching to find out that 4 people out of the winning pool were to be chosen RANDOMLY by the 98.7 DJ's to face off against each other for the PS3! Arrgg...we were all really kan-chiong. And in the end, none of us were chosen. =(....>+(...XD...>_<

I'm pretty sure that if ANY of the SF4Singapore guys were chosen we would have won the big fish. But well, it turned out that 3 brothers, Mark's cousins, out of the 4 were chosen haha. So chances were good that the PS3 was going to their house, and indeed, it did! So congrats to Mark's cousins (I forgot your names, sorry!) for a brand-spankin new PS3. I really hate you guys now! Haha, just kidding. =D

Anyhow, it was all good and fun. I did pick up a few pointers on how to a big-scale SF4 event should (and should not) be run, and I'm really looking forward to the gala premier of the movie! We gonna be sooo gangsta on the day, we have a group of 10 at least.

Hmm, and this has all gotten me psyched up on how big SF4 can be with corporate sponsors. I hear that WCG might include SF4 in it's line up, so that will definitely be amazing. Please follow this link to go vote for SF4 @ WCG! In the meantime, lets keep building the community and welcoming new players so more big events like this will become a reality.

Speaking of events, our next tournament this Friday will revert back to the 2v2 format that was so loved by all who participated. Location will also return to Bugis Junction Virtualand. I really enjoyed myself organizing the tournament at Ang Mo Kio and it was really good to see many new players, so I'll be looking to still have another 1v1 there and @ other Virtualand locations in the future.

The full details for this Friday's (13th...again!) tournament will be the same, so check here. As always, if you cannot find a partner, feel free to post a request up in the comments section and I'll do my best to pair you up with someone.

Arcade etiquette: I got next

I've been hearing murmurs for quite some time now about players are not getting a chance to play SF4 in the arcade because some people 'hog' the machines by not getting up and just inserting a token after they lose. An example of such can be found on Tetra's blog (yes, WCG Tetra. Check the comments section).

Now, first thing I thought to myself was "Hey, I do that!". This is great cause for concern because I usually refrain from playing if it means newer players get a chance on the cabinet.

So why, when I play, do I not stand up after I lose? Well folks, its because this has be the status quo for years. Pre-SF4, we knew everyone who played a certain game: it was a very elite club; and if we wanted to challenge someone, we were all 'hardcore' and 'in the club' enough to be able to tell the guy that lost to get up because we 'wanted next'. So, I'm sure the reason why me and some people don't get up after losing is that we just expect someone to tap our shoulder indicating they wanted to play the winner before we get up.

Now, things can't stay this way can they? So, I'm suggesting we implement the "I got next: Token" system that's been the modus-operandi in arcades in the USA and Korea.

Basically, if you want to play next, just toss a token on the cabinet dashboard above the controls of the person already challenging the person you want challenge IN BETWEEN ROUNDS (so as not to distract the player). Simple. This tells the person playing that if he loses, he has to get up. It's not impolite: its just arcade etiquette that's commonplace in other countries, so don't be shy. You're not telling the person on the cabinet "I think you're gonna lose", you're just telling him you want to face the guy he's fighting against SHOULD he lose. I'm saying this lest people think this practice is akin to 'betting on who's going to lose', it's not. Its a mechanism to save everyone's time.

And so I encourage everyone to adopt and spread the word on this practice as much as you can. Let's respect the time and effort new players put in to coming down to the arcades.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Win a PS3 at Cineliesure tomorrow?!

I've been hearing noises that 98.7 and Cathay are organizing a tournament tomorrow at Cineliesure, 5pm, with the grand prize being a PS3. Can anyone confirm this?

If so, see you there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ang Mo Kio Tournament Quick Results and Finals Videos

Talk about busy. I have a presentation, a paper and a mid-term all due this week in school. All this on top of work, so here's just a quick post on what went down last Friday in the heartlands. I'll write up a proper report soon.

1st: Peihoon (Balrog)
2nd: Me (C. Viper)
3rd: Leslie (Abel)

And the videos of the finals set between me and Peihoon.

Part 1 of a best to 3 set

Part 2

and Part 3