Monday, March 23, 2009


Clicky clicky on the poster for its full-size.

This is a no holds barred tournament meaning I have reset tournament placings and anyone can team up with whomever they want, unlike in previous tournaments where top players were not allowed to team with each other. This Friday's tournament is going to be a deviation from the casual format we've been having and will be hardcore, DOUBLE ELIMINATION from the start. Thus, the restriction to 16 teams only.

I'm doing this because I want everyone to experience what a real tournament is like. Since all the top teams will be legit this time around, I'm expecting an even better atmosphere, closer to what you'll see at international tournaments like Evo and Tougeki (Super Battle Opera)

While many top players, including those on the poster, have already registered, there are still some slots left. If you want to participate or if you know someone who would like to, please register in the comments section of this post OR send me an email with your a) Team name, b) Names AND Nicknames of team members and c) Which characters you will be using.

Only 4 out of the 8 machines at Bugis will be used to even if you don't plan on joining, do come down and get some games in and watch the very best in Singapore play. Get hype!!!

For rules and regulations click here. Everything's the same except for the tournament format. Oh and as usual if you're looking for a teammate, you can post in the comments section as well and I'll pair you up. See you there!!!


  1. On behalf of...

    Team Name: Team Outside Chance (Hanyi aka luvselina, han zhen yuan aka hanzhengyuan)
    Characters: Ryu/Ryu

  2. Just here to say I think it's awesome that Singapore has a dedicated Street Fighter 4 scene. This is the world's game, hopefully Japan can get knocked down a couple pegs.

    I blog about Tokyo Street Fighter IV and arcades in the area so check it out if you like.

  3. yo, lang... dave's with chwan, weijie's not coming so alan will be with wei tian...

    any suggestions on a good pairing with my chun?

  4. Another Chun-li perhaps? *points to myself*

  5. Anyone wanna team with a rusty Rufus who's getting his ass kicked by work?

  6. Hey, I will be joining with Bernard (KSF).

    Will be posting this on the forums in just a while.
    Now I know what poster you meant.
    Nice work here.

    Just saw the hardcopy at J8 earlier in the day.

    Will be there for a good tournament!

  7. hey. i'm looking for a teammate too :)

  8. There are still slots left and also people without taemmates. =)

    Update!!! Here are the teams so far. I've er, added in some team names on my own discretion and character usage based on assumptions. If you want to change anything do let me know.

    I'm still waiting on Rchan's team and Simon's team (since they're featured on the poster) so the last 2 slots will be reserved for their teams for now. I prioritized submissions that had full teams, so apologies to the single people for not being able to find you a team, slots filled up faster than expected.

    1) Team Fat Beast
    Artist (Zangeif) + KSF (Blanka)

    2) Team Outside Chance
    Luvselina (Ryu) + Hanzhenyuan (Ryu)

    3) Team West Coast
    Alan (Zangeif) + Weitian (Abel)

    4) Team Uncle School
    Dave (Guile/Bison) + Chwan (Honda?)

    5) Team Shadaloo
    Ganguro (Bison) + Leslie (sagat)

    6) Team KOF Legends
    Mark (???) + Rafee (???)

    7) Team Easties
    Raven (Balrog) + M_flo (Ryu)

    8) Team 3s part 2
    Cody (Abel) + Eng Chun (Ken)

    9) Team Tetrafang
    Tetra (Ryu) + Yuan (Akuma)

    10) Team Chinatown (Cuz they both stay there?)
    Kenn Tan (???) + Pei Hoon (Balrog)

    11) Team JayMatt
    Jay (Viper?) + Matt (Fuerte? Chun?)

    12) Team EliteNoobs
    Elite.A (Ryu) + Elite.B (Sagat)

    13) Team Lurking Kumar
    Kumar (Dhalsim?) + Lurker (Blanka)

    14) Team Ghetto
    Yagami (C.Viper)

    No Teammate

    Axel (Chun Li)
    AcidicEnema (Rufus)
    Chris U (Boxer)
    Owned (???)
    Jae (Ken)

  9. Wow tetra also coming.
    I thought he was a Sagat player haha.

    Team Dragonball!!!

    Name of our team. Haha.
    Always named after movies.