Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arcade etiquette: I got next

I've been hearing murmurs for quite some time now about players are not getting a chance to play SF4 in the arcade because some people 'hog' the machines by not getting up and just inserting a token after they lose. An example of such can be found on Tetra's blog (yes, WCG Tetra. Check the comments section).

Now, first thing I thought to myself was "Hey, I do that!". This is great cause for concern because I usually refrain from playing if it means newer players get a chance on the cabinet.

So why, when I play, do I not stand up after I lose? Well folks, its because this has be the status quo for years. Pre-SF4, we knew everyone who played a certain game: it was a very elite club; and if we wanted to challenge someone, we were all 'hardcore' and 'in the club' enough to be able to tell the guy that lost to get up because we 'wanted next'. So, I'm sure the reason why me and some people don't get up after losing is that we just expect someone to tap our shoulder indicating they wanted to play the winner before we get up.

Now, things can't stay this way can they? So, I'm suggesting we implement the "I got next: Token" system that's been the modus-operandi in arcades in the USA and Korea.

Basically, if you want to play next, just toss a token on the cabinet dashboard above the controls of the person already challenging the person you want challenge IN BETWEEN ROUNDS (so as not to distract the player). Simple. This tells the person playing that if he loses, he has to get up. It's not impolite: its just arcade etiquette that's commonplace in other countries, so don't be shy. You're not telling the person on the cabinet "I think you're gonna lose", you're just telling him you want to face the guy he's fighting against SHOULD he lose. I'm saying this lest people think this practice is akin to 'betting on who's going to lose', it's not. Its a mechanism to save everyone's time.

And so I encourage everyone to adopt and spread the word on this practice as much as you can. Let's respect the time and effort new players put in to coming down to the arcades.


  1. I saw this system already implemented at Jurong Point 2 weeks ago! It was the first time I saw it(I haven't played in arcades for quite some time) and I must say I'm impressed by this etiquette developed within the arcade sub-culture. It helps to remove the negative impression held by our parents' generation that video arcades are joints for hooligans and ruffians!

  2. This is a very good suggestion. If you win the game, the guy can just remove the token on the table to go to another machine to try his luck.

    I've seen rude players push your leg aside to insert a token into the machine before you even finish a game. Encountered this before? LOL~

    Anyway Sidetrack abit.
    Yagami you went to century Sq arcade recently right? Heard you went down and used C. Viper and El Fuerte. Your El Fuerte totally made players there clueless on how to beat him LOL~ We have never encountered an El Fuerte player there, let alone a good player using it. Hope to see you there again soon. =)

  3. Ah, I am one of the offenders >.<

    I dunno, but when I play at Bugis, there is a lot of people watching, and not too sure who wants to go next. (The new location of the cabs makes it even more squeezed i think)

    Some players put up their sacks of coins to show how long they are going to be playing (Old practice from Initial D). Is this fine with SF4?

    Btw, I am the scrub that plays Gief in Bugis =p Still very new to SF as a whole, SF4 is my first contact with the SF series. 多多指教 =0

    Trying to change to some other characters, but just cant get into it.

  4. this is kind of what we have in the UK playing pool or snooker etc. a coin is placed on the table to show theyre going after the current game. you can see rows of coins when a few people want to play. not sure how they can tell whos coin is whos tho!

  5. SF4 aside, may I ask what u guys think of ppl who insert coins into the slots before you finish a game? For me it's rude cos I had a few encounters where I was just getting a hang of the game and wanted to play more when someone barge in and coin in their tokens before I could decide on another round...

    want some opinions here :(... whether if it's just me or it's a really rude gesture...


  6. You sure have nice tips. I haven't been in an arcade in ages because thanks to home console they are disappearing but I think that those whom are lucky enough to enjoy these kind of arcade should be more open mind about share the arcade with someone.

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