Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SF4 sound-action phone-straps!!

That's right. Along with our mystery donor, Round1.sg will be giving away 4 of these beauties to those attending the ULTRA! Chalet which is THIS WEEKEND! If you're not one of the 4 to win one, don't fret. We'll also be selling extra pieces at a very reasonable price.

In case you don't know what these are, here's a video to whet your appetite.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2v2 This Friday, 23rd October

Casual, simple tournament. =)

Time: 7pm

Where: TKA Virtualand, Bugis Junction

Rule 1: No same character allowed in a team. Example: Ryu / Ryu is not allowed.

Rule 2: We are not allowed to team with another member who was previously in your 2v2 or 3v3 teams. Example: Real Deal / Elcie, Real Deal / Elton or Real Deal / SBK in previous 3v3 are not allowed..

Character switching not allowed. It is the winning team's responsibility to report results to the admin/marshal staff.

$2.00 entry fee per person, open to all levels. Prizes are tokens = to the pot, graciously sponsored by TKA Virtualand. Do visit the Round1 SF4 forums for the tournament and partner-finder threads. Register and pay at the venue. Counter opens @ 6:30 and tournament will start 7pm sharp. See you there!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Want to request a class for the chalet?

The exact program for the upcoming Round1 chalet isn't finalized yet. Want to request a session for a specific character or topic? You can do so in this thread and if demand is there, we'll do our best to meet it with the best people available.

Sept 12 Beginner's and 3v3 tournament results+videos!

First off, our second beginner's tournament was a smashing success with over 60 participants! At the end of the day, it came down to the top 3 and here they are:

1st: Khan
2nd: John
3rd: Nico

Congrats to the winners and I hope everyone had a good time.

Secondly, we had our very first 3v3 tournament on the same day and here are the results.

1st: Team GONGTAO with Angeline (Sagat), Gackt (Ryu) and Peihoon (Akuma)
2nd: Team 3 Paths of Pain with KT (Ryu), Ganguro (Sagat) and Leslie (Abel)
3rd: Team Happy with Evante (Blanka), SY (Rufus) and Xian (Ryu)

Congrats to all winners, and here are the final 3 matches of the night: Peihoon AGAIN bringing on the hurt.

October Frenzy part 1: Round1 Chalet is GO

Click image for full size

As I mentioned in my previous post, October is going to be a happening month. First up, what's going on at the end of October? It's none other than our very first Chalet Outing! We'll have at least 4 console setups over 2 days set to free play. Also, we've gotten the best players in Singapore to share their knowledge of the game and characters. There will be Q&A, tutorial masterclass sessions. Finally, we'll end off with a bang: our very first random select 4v4 tournament, where you'll never know who you'll be paired up with!

To top it up, we'll have a BBQ and and some sports/games, so this is going to be the perfect opportunity to have some relaxing fun and make friends with everyone from the Street Fighter 4 community. Stay tuned as more details on what classes will be available come up, and do register here ASAP to make logistics easier for us. Hope to see you there!

PS: Big thanks to Matte82 for the awesome poster!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch for the end of October...

The June to July period was a high or the community, with lots of tournaments culminating into K.O. which saw the highest level SF action on Singapore soil ever.

Now comes October. Just before things get crazy at the end of the year with exams and Christmas, is October. And October will be very, very special. 2 big events: 1, you already know of which is going to be insane. The other, is a very pleasant surprise. Be prepared for the end of October. =)