Friday, January 9, 2009

Announcing the FIRST SF4 Singapore casual tournament 16/1/09 @ Virtualand Bugis Junction!!!

Hi everyone,

I have just gotten the green light from TKA to organize the first SF4 casual tournament next Friday at Virtualand, Bugis Junction. Here are more details.

Time: 8pm. Come down after work and dinner!

Place: Virtualand, B1 Bugis Junction. (Right on top of Bugis MRT)Website:

Entry Fee and Prizes: $2, pay for your own games. All entry fees will be converted into TKA Virtualand tokens that will make up the 'pot'. This must be done because prizes cannot be in cash, as doing such would violate the anti-gambling laws of the land.

1st Place wins 50% of the total token pot.
2nd Place wins 30% of the total token pot.
3rd Place wins 20% of the total token pot.

Rules :
- No characters are banned.
- Each match will be best of 3 or 5, depending on time constraints.
- All players must indicate the character they wish to use upon registration. No switching mid-tournament allowed, Japanese style.
- No forms of physical and/or verbal intimidation outside of the game shall be used whatsoever. This is a friendly tournament people.
- Due to legal issues, winners may NOT sell their tokens for cash within the TKA Virtualand premises.

Format: Depending on the number of participants. When I get a better idea I will update.

Frequently asked questions!!

Q: How often will you be hosting these tournaments?
A: Depending on the turnout. I'm looking at doing this every other week. (Bi-weekly/fortnightly) The higher the turnout, the more often these tournaments will be held.

Q: Why should I join this tournament? Won't all the 'pros' be there?! I won't have a chance of winning!
A: Because of this.

The above link is a must-read in my opinion.

And also because I hope we'll all have a good time knowing the rest of the people in the Singapore SF4 scene. Let's all have fun playing this game that we all love together!

For those that think they're really good, come down and prove it.

Q: Why are you hosting this tournament? What do you have to gain from it?
A: I don't receive any money whatsoever from this. There are two big reasons why I'm doing this.
1) To get the whole SF4 Singapore community together. Currently, it's pretty fragmented.
2) To increase the level of SF4 play in Singapore. From what I hear, there's a good chance that top Japanese players will be invited to compete at the next TKA SF4 tournament here. The possibility of that, and I want to put Singapore's SF4 scene on the world map with match videos and hopefully see some Singaporeans at international tournaments soon!

If you have any questions you can email me at See you next Friday!


Special thanks to Bernard from TKA Virtualand for giving this event the green light and full support.


  1. nice, putting up the link from sirlin's page; i think the following post "Love of the Game: Not Playing to Win" is worth reading as well. so many of us are caught up with winning that we only focus on using the strongest characters and safest (turtle) tactics.

    i dread the day where the local sf4 community comprises of solely ryu and sagat players, hiding behind their projectiles and waiting for you to jump. that would really kill the game...

  2. btw, crimson viper rocks hard... not as much as chun li though haha...