Sunday, January 18, 2009

Community shout-out and thank-yous

(From left: Me[4th Place], Peihoon[3rd Place], WeiJie[Champion], Raven[2nd PLace] and Bernard aka KSF from TKA]

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the tournament possible.

Special thanks to Bernard from TKA for helping make this possible with Virtualand, and also for organizing the brackets. Thanks to the rest of the staff at Virtualand for doing a great job with the projector screens and additional TV's. Thanks to SKY for the community hype and additional support. Thanks to David and Raven for helping me monitor the brackets throughout the tournament. Thanks to Joseph and Chris for helping me film the matches. And of course, thanks to all the players who came down!

This wasn't just me running the tournament, this was the community that ran it. If you want to help run the next tournament coming in 2 weeks time do drop me an email, your help would be much appreciated.


  1. hey lang,

    congrats to you guys on a good showing, wish i could have been there... though i might add the semi-final line-up wasn't exactly a big surprise haha... maybe if zangief / chun li was thrown into the mix? ;)

    i'm stuck in bangkok due to a major tour agency cock up, which means i couldn't fly back today and may have to wait till wednesday.

    good news, i finally found out where the sf4 machine in bangkok is! it's supposedly on the 7th floor of MBK and i'm gonna go check it out later and maybe get a few vids as well. it'll be interesting to see how good the players here are... keep ya posted!

  2. Sup Mark,

    Thanks dude, the tourney was definitely fun and a success. And yea, I'm definitely looking to see some Zang/Chun action from SOMEBODY next time around! However Axel's Chun did really well at the tourney and I wanna just hype that out.

    Anyways by the time you read this it's probably Friday and I'll probably see you at Bugis later haha. How was SF4 in Bangkok? Was everyone playing Sagat? Har har har.

  3. Console version will be out soon, people with a PS3 or Xbox360 will play online definitely, but i think the lag will be an issue. I'm a little hesitant to join the next causual cause i'm not really good lol.

  4. Yea, online play will never compare with playing in the arcade. Not to mention you have money on the line and you get to see people face to face!

    But hey, I'm liking the group-stage format of my tourneys quite abit. Even if players don't have a shot at winning, at least they'll get a few group stage games in. So, that's my encouragement to you Mr. Anonymous get that group stage exp in! =D

    PS I'll be glad to coach you based on your tourney performances if you join kk? ;p

  5. Hmm, console is good for casual training with friends.

    But the excitement of course is different.
    Especially the "oohs and aahs" when something spectacular is being pulled off.

    Hahah, the enjoyment of arcade games.