Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Should we always play to win?

Props to Mark's response to my previous post regarding the Sirlin article I posted. While I hold the view that all playing styles are legitimate (yes, that includes hardcore turtling), I certainly would like to see Singapore players be more creative and adventurous during casual play. The merits of which are brilliantly articulated in this article which I recommend everyone who hasn't read it to read it. Heck, if you've read it I recommend reading it again.


Coming back from Korea, casual games at Bugis currently do feel more 'serious' than they were when I was there. I don't believe this is the fault of any individuals, tempting as it is to name a few. In fact, I think it's a mostly cultural reason why casuals in Bugis are so serious. Kiasuism perhaps? The cost of each game isn't helping things much either, whereas in Korea games were going for about 40cents a pop.

However, one big reason why games in Bugis can seem so serious is because, so far, tournaments have been few and far between. Therefore, casuals become a bigger outlet for players to prove their worth, because there's no alternative. "The last tournament was ages go. Lately, I get 30 win streaks easily on Friday night whereas you only get 10 consistently. I'm better than you now" may be what some people are thinking in terms of where they stand. If we had more tournaments which provided the true test of our A-game and gauges of skill, then maybe we won't be as compelled to win at all costs during casuals.

Nevertheless, I have total respect for the guys at Bugis who bring their A-game 100% of the time. Playing you always pushes my limits whether I like it or not, and that's why I want to see more SF4 tournaments in Singapore. Lets all attend and support as many tournaments as we can.


  1. hey lang, it's sam from korea.

    i just found your blog! nice stuff. it's always good to see intelligent people writing stuff about street fighter.

    ...let's hope you join their ranks soon! haha jk. seriously, really good stuff.

    personally, i've been having a bit of the same issue with some people here. there's a few people i run into pretty often that really irk me with how determined they are to keep their streak.

    but i can't really blame them, like you said.

    i think we need more tourneys here, too.

  2. Hey Sam!

    Thanks for your support. Coming from you, it means alot! I promise to level up my int so there's no chance you'll even think of making that lame joke again har har! =p

    But hey AWESOME STUFF on that tourney you're organizing, I saw it on the Korea thread. Let me know how it goes yea. With people like you in the Korean scene it will definitely improve!