Thursday, February 12, 2009

A warm welcome to all console players

Greetings! I'm sure many of you, like me, have just received your bundles of joy from retailers across the country in the past few days. Either that, or you plan to get your copy really soon. Congrats!

Whether this is your first time playing a fighting game, or whether you're an arcade veteran that's been away from the scene until now,I would like to invite you and welcome you to the growing competitive and casual Street Fighter scene in Singapore. Do keep watching this blog for guides, interviews with top SG players and more videos of high-level play from our bi-weekly tournaments @ TKA Virtualand, Bugis Junction.

I'm hoping that, with all that's going on in the offline gaming scene, that this encourages you, the console Street Fighter, to come down to our friendly events and gatherings. As Sam "Aheda" would say, online is convenience, and offline is an experience. How true. Even though I'm absolutely LOVING my copy of SF4 for the PS3, online play pales in comparison to offline play. Here are some reasons why.

- Even with a full-strength connection, there is still a fraction of lag. Whenever I pull off a devastating move or combo, it doesn't feel half as satisfying knowing that you did it to the person sitting next to you.
- When you just got beat by a tactic or combo you've never encountered before, you can't ask or comment to the person that just did it to you how he/she (yes, girls do play at the arcades) did it.
- It's much easier to make friends if you can see them while you play. =) It's also a good idea to be outside of the house on a weekend, rather than sitting at home playing online.
- I can say this with confidence: once you've got a basic grasp of the game, the fastest way to improve is to play in the arcades and in tournaments. I've posted this before, but here's why.

- As for the console only characters, I'm confident that the arcade will receive an update soon. If I were Capcom, I wouldn't want to release the arcade patch too near the release of the console version, as having the console characters 'exclusive' for now is a big selling point. However, once they've moved enough copies I'm pretty sure an arcade update will be made available, as has been done with other games like Guilty Gear and Virtua Fighter. Arcade gaming is still a good industry and Capcom wouldn't want to piss their buyers from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia off by shafting them with no updates.

-Now that you have the game at home, you can practice those links and combos. SF4 is very accessible, and once you get the basics down you'll be playing at a decent level with many people in no time. For me and many others, the ultimate joy of playing Street Fighter is fighting a human opponent on a level where you're both concentrating on reading each other's minds on an advanced level. Once you get the basics out of the way by practicing at home, it is my hope that you can experience this for yourself at our events in the future.

- If you've been to Bugis or other arcades with top competition and feel you can't get games in or the level is too high for you, fret not. I'm looking to organize some casual CASUAL events at less 'hardcore' arcades.

Our community is growing fast and it's really an exciting time to be playing fighting games in Singapore. Big, international-scale events and tournaments are on the horizon, and me, together with other prominent members of the community, are working hard to bring the entire Singapore fighting game community together. Watch this space for the official announcement on our very own forums and SG fighting game portal!

Oh, and remember to check out local videos @

Also, G3 @ Funan lvl5 will be having a copy of SF4 running outside of their outlet free to play all day (11amto8pm) today and tomorrow. This is your chance to show off your skills if you think you're good (still come for the tourney @Bugis, 8pm tho!) and also to check out the console version if you haven't already.

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