Saturday, February 21, 2009

Next stop: Ang Mo Kio!

Heads up on the next tournament this Friday! (27/2/09)

In line with my goal to develop the SF4 scene around the country, the next venue of the tournament won't be at Bugis but instead will be at Virtualand Ang Mo Kio, which is located @ Big Mac Centre Level 2. A picture of the outlet location can be found here (Just scroll down). It like, right next to Ang Mo Kio hub, which is right on top of Ang Mo Kio MRT.

The format will be reverted back to 1v1 since it's a new venue and we want to encourage as many 'walk-in' participants as possible. Rules and everything will be the same as the last tournament. I'm looking to include a very special prize on top of the token winnings this time around, so check back soon for updates on that!

I've always loved the 'traveling to find new opponents' aspect of Street Fighter, and I'm hoping to meet and connect with some serious players there that I haven't met before.

After all, in these hard economic times, competition gets tougher everywhere you look! Just look at this...

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