Friday, February 6, 2009

Need a partner for the next tourney? SF4 Singapore matchmaking service is here!

Yes, with valentines day around the corner, love is in the air. Now, if you don't happen to have a partner for the next 2v2 tournament, don't fret! Just post your need here in the comments section of THIS post, and I'll match you guys up for you randomly.

Format should be like this: 22/m/s looking for 18/f/s. asl???

Just kidding la!! Just post the nick and character you'll be using during the tournament stating you need a 2v2 partner haha. =)


  1. I like the picture! I'm er, yamizi and I use Akuma??

  2. you know who i am lah haha...

    dave won't be there (if not we'll play 2 guiles?) so i'm looking for anyone whose character can form a balanced team with either zangief / chun li / bison. or i could just continue to play guile? :P

  3. ermm Han here, I use Balrog. :)

  4. I use Zangief and my friend uses Bison mostly.
    Would be good if we have 2 shotos joining us, to balance out the gameplay.

    Can see how things can work out haha.

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  6. LOL I'll be teaming with Jaeshi to form a Chun/Ken team! I hope he shoryuken all the way to victory for me!

  7. hey axel! dunno if lang will be playing viper, and i most probably won't be playing chun li, so it's up to you to gain glory for the "female fighters"! haha...

  8. Hahaha Mark you're going to play Guile? There has been no one entering the tourney as Guile till today, so it'll be great to see some Sonic Boom shooting tomorrow!

  9. Dang, bring that Guile spirit on Mark! He really needs some love, can't stand how people give up on him so easily.

    Anyways looks like we have 3 people without teams

    Mark: Guile
    Han: Rog
    Yamizi: Akuma

    Hmm I'm thinking, screw random. Guile+Rog is a good combi, and since Artist is looking for a shoto, then Yamizi can join them. =)

    If you want to object to this do drop me a mail ASAP.

    Axel: I'm looking forward to Chun+Ken. Mmmm mid tier goodnes. Damn balanced too.