Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SF4 @ TKA outlets now only 1 token (50cents) per play!

That's right folks. Today, TKA Virtualand revised their pricing plan for SF4 to a much more price of 1 token (50cents) per game. While it is now only best of 3 instead of 5, this is still a discount if you do the math.

What I'm more pleased about with regards to this new price scheme is that it's now much cheaper for new players to get their feet wet in beginner/trail mode as fighting the computer was always best of 3 anyways.

As for vs sessions this is also great because for less money, we can now experiment with different characters. This also means that, if you're good, you rack up wins faster haha. ;p

What all this means is that there's less excuse now to get a few games in at the arcade. See you there!


  1. Lol... epic $.$ picture is epic..
    Congratulations on the price drop! Shit, i'm running out of excuses not to pump tokens. :P