Friday, February 6, 2009

Announcement for next tourney

Just a quick announcement that, as usual, next Friday's tournament is ON. Whats gonna be different this time around is the format: its 2v2 action time! Thats right, find a friend, have some tag battle fun. I'll post up the full ruleset for the 2v2 format soon as I finalize some details, but as for now the only rule is that if you've placed in the top 4 of any of the tournaments before, you cannot pair up with another person who placed top 4 before. I hope this balances things out a little.=)

Oh, and in the meantime do think of a funky name for your team! pre-tournament team horn-blowing is highly encouraged in the comments section hahaha.

Anyways as usual, same time, same place. Venue is TKA virtualand and registration starts at 7:30. Tournament proper will start at 8pm. Do scan the blog archives for now for my past tourney announcements for more details on prizes etc. Only the format has changed.


  1. Nice.

    The problem now is to get myself a partner.
    Else I'll have to sit this one out. Haha.

    Looking forward to the description of the tournament!

  2. can top 8 team with top 4?

  3. Yup, top 8 can team with top 4, no problem for now, since we don't have that big a pool of players.

    Artist: watch my next post. =)