Monday, June 8, 2009

Japan and Korea K.O. Qualifier updates

Laugh(right) with web mastah Farp (left), has just won the Korea K.O. Qualifier leg and will be representing Korea along with our special guest Poongko just July 4th at the K.O. finals at Suntec! Laugh is a good friend of ours and was here recently for our Clash of The Titans tournament last March. Although the team of me and Laugh only managed to clinch 3rd place at the tournament, it was clear then that Laugh carried the team and that he introduced Singapore to the most technical and methodical Ryu to date.

As for the Japan leg, it's happening this Saturday! If you happen to be or speak Japanese, or have Japanese friends who are into gaming, do help spread the word with regards to the qualifiers in Tokyo. More details on that here, in Japanese.


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