Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poongko is coming to town

(Korean champion Poongko, center, with SF4 lead producer Yoshinori Ono)

That's right folks, Poongko is confirmed as the first of our 3 special guests for the K.O. finals and the 3-nation exhibition match! Poongko is the Korea national champion and represented Korea in the famous 4-man world tournament in San Francisco a while back against Daigo Umehara, Iyo and Justin Wong. Although he wound up losing, he definitely put on a good show and gave those SF4 superstars a good run for their money. Also, it was reported that he cleaned up shop against the rest of the US including the likes of Gootecks. Poongko's PSN nick is efzzang and he was the top ranked player in terms of BP for at least a month when SF4 was released on console.

Recently, Laugh (Korean 3rd place) also came to Singapore and gave most of us a taste of how good Korean play is, so I'm excited to be able to play Poongko. (Again for me. I played him in Korea and it was apparent back then that he was levels above me, at least. I do hope it's different this time around tho!)

In case some of you didn't catch the World Tournament feat. Poongko, here are the videos.

Remember, by signing up for Represent!!(Yo) for this Saturday, you get a free pass to play best of 5 against.Poongko on the 3rd of July at Virtualand Bugis. Poongko plays every character in SF4 VERY well, (here is proof) so I'm sure if you want to see how a certain character can be played to a high level, you can request it on the night.

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