Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clash of the Titans Results

We had a really good crowd last Friday, with lots of people showing up to see just how good Singapore's top players were, and no one was dissapointed. The level of play just seems to go up a notch every time tournament Friday comes around and at this rate we'll be ready for international competition in no time.

From left: 3rd place: Team 1st-Attack with Laugh(Ryu) & Yagami(C.Viper), 1st Place: Team Boy Band with Elcie(E.Honda) & Realdeal(M.Bison), 2nd Place: Team Tan & Co PTE LTD with Kenny(Ken) and Peihoon(Balrog)

Congrats to the winners! Team Boy Band certainly were dark horses in the tournament and they proved that OLDSCHOOL can still bring the house down. Thanks to everyone who made it down and helped me run the tournament. Special mention to Vx for his excellent commentary while I was playing, Laugh for making it down to Singapore and for Cody who handled the bracket software excellently.

And without further adieu here are the videos of the Loser's Bracket Finals and the Grand Finals. Enjoy!

Loser's Finals Match 1 Laugh(Ryu) vs Kenny(Ken)

Loser's Finals Match 2 Peihoon(Ba) vs Yagami(Vi)

Loser's Finals Match 3 Laugh(Ry) vs Peihoon(Ba)

Grand Finals Match 1 Elcie(Ho) vs Kenny(Ken)

Grand Finals Deciding Match Peihoon(Ba) vs Realdeal(Bi)

Special thanks also to Christopher Morben from California who took the excellent photos of the event. For more SF4 related pictures he took during his stay here, do visit his Flickr.


  1. Thanks for posting these vids up! I was waiting for these.

    Great job in organizing these. Thumbs up!

  2. Wow Laugh is there :)

    - Nielzen