Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mayday 1v1 Madness: Plaza Singaporura, here we come!!!

I've been wanting to hold a tournament at Plaza Singapura for the longest time and finally, we got the green light to do so! Not to mention, it's on a public holiday, Labor Day. My guess is that people won't be tired from work when they go down this time around, which I hope means a higher level of play.

The format will be 1v1 just like last week's tournament. I'm hoping to have double elimination as the format if we get a number close to 32. If we get more than 32, however, I'll definitely not want to limit registration and I'll look into making it group round-robin so everyone can join. So don't worry about having no space left to join, just come on down and I'll make sure there's space for everyone to participate. =)

Time, rules and prize money are the same as last Friday's tournament. Details here.

So I'll see everyone at 7:30pm, TKA Virtualand/StarFactory. In case you don't know where that is, it's on the highest level next to Golden Village Cinema. =)


  1. P.S. I love you <3

  2. Why am I showing up as areallyniceperson now.. its supposed to be "Aheda"... Argh..

  3. Because only really nice people will type "P.S I love you" ?


    Will be going there to support as well, and will talk to you Lang if i get the chance.
    Have some ideas that I think may work out.

  4. umm is el fuerte banned tonight? he's under quarantine right lol

  5. LOL!!! Comment of the year hahaha