Monday, June 8, 2009

Updates from the past week: Represent+Player interviews

First off, pics and videos from Represent!!(Yo) are in. Here are a few.

Group pick at the end with most of the members. Yes, as many of you know by now I wore an afro on the day...

And the top 3 of the night, from left:
3rd- Weijie (Dhalsim)
1st- Peihoon (Sagat), your Singapore representative vs Korea and Japan @ K.O., TGX'09
2nd- Alan (Akuma)

Just had to put this in. ;p


More photos can be found here(thanks Sam) and here(Thanks Rafee).

Videos of the event can be found in this thread, which will be updated once more videos come in. In the meantime here are the best matches, both featuring Alan no less.

Best comeback of the night

Grand Finals

As always, Gamesync has a report on the event here.

Also last week, our very own Singapore Representative Tan "Peihoon" Jia Chun was interviewed by Rapture Gaming on their website. Its good to see our players getting recognized in the larger competitive e-gaming sphere. Thanks Kuan Hoe "Alkaiser" for the interview.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for news on the first K.O. qualifiers.

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