Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off to Tokyo, lots of updates to come!

I'll be heading off to Tokyo for lots of Street Fighter, shopping, food...and did I mention Street Fighter? There will be three big events going down during the 10 days or so that Ill be there: Godsgarden this Friday, featuring a tournament with top japanese players voted in like Daigo, Tetsu, Mago and Tokido. Then theres a 5v5 tournament open to foreigners going down next Friday, before SBO. Other than the usual japanese suspects, you can expect the likes of Justin Wong and Alex Valle to be there as well. Im currently trying to get team Singapore in, we just need 1 more player. And finally, theres the biggest fish of them all, Super Battle Opera, the worlds premier fighting game tournament! Other than catching the highest level of play, we can also expect details on the next version of Street Fighter 4 to be announced.

Exciting times. Ill be updating this blog daily (I hope) via my mobile, so do keep checking back for updates on my escapades with Rchan, Ganguro and Cody there.

Oh, and this Wednesday night at Bugis will be my "farewell" session. Im hoping to get as many games in with everyone as possible to keep me as sharp as possible for this Friday @ godsgarden. Julius and Cody, if you're reading this, you guys should be there also to get yourslves tuned up for Japan. We have two strong guests from Hong Kong and Japan there tomorrow as well so that should be very interesting.

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