Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arcade happenings,mobile blogging issues.

First off, as you can see by the weird looking pictures below, my genius plan to upload photos using my phone(so I didnt have to bring my laptop) isnt working. hopefully I can find a way to get photos out of my camera and upload them while Im here.Otherwise I guess Ill just have to upload everything in one shot whenI get back.

Ok, down to business. Me and Rchan arrived at Big Box arcade, the prime SF4 arcade in Tokyo (and by extension, the world), at around 7pm. We were both hyped up all the way, even on the flight. Once we got there, guess who was the first person we saw there? Yup, none other than Daigo Umehara himself. Also present then was Nuki, probably the best Chun in the world.

So, me and Rchan got warmed up with some games on another set of machines, away from UmeNuki(thats the nickname for Daigo and Nuki, and they also happen to be SBO partners). I had no idea what to expect: after facing off against some of the best from Korea,Australia and Hong Kong and holding my own so far, I was about to get games in against the best players in the world.

I managed to get 7 wins off the bat against some average players, which helped ease my nerves a little. Once I got Kicked off the machine by a rank A Akuma (I think), I proceeded to challenge the man himself. Now for some strange reason, I wasnt as nervous as I expected I would be. Perhaps its because I knew I had absolutely nothing to lose by playing him. no pride, no insecurities, whatever. I finally got to play Daigo after years of hearing his name and watching his videos.

Needless to say, he didnt dissapoint. Clearly, this guy tries to get in your head from the get go, and reads and adapts to you faster than anyone Ive ever played with. It was incredibly fun to play with him . We played a total of four games. Final score: Daigo 3, Yagami 1.

And yes, it felt REALLY good beating him at least once. =p

Later in the night, Itabashi Zangief showed up. He was really nice and gave us each a brand spanking new SF4 id card to use in Japan! After that, more top players streamed into Big Box. Bon-Chan, Grandmaster Sagat. Uryo, THE BEST Viper in the world. Kindevu, best Rufus. I managed to get one or two games in with everyone except for Kindevu. Lost to all of the above mentioned.Against Nuki is was really close tho. But against Bon-Chans lost REAL badly to Bon-Chan.Really, should I disclose the insane shit he was doing with Sagat,I fear for us all back in Singapore haha. Jokes aside, Ill do a proper writup on what exactly these players were doing that we dont when I get back.

Ok, its getting late. Tomorrow, its Godsgarden!!


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