Sunday, November 22, 2009

13th Nov Beginner's Tournament Results!

Sorry I'm late with this, but better late than never, no?


First- Yong Tau Foo (Rufus). Coming up from the loser's bracket, Yong Tau Foo RTSDed his way into first place!

Second- Zhen Ci (Honda). Playing impressively with jab> Fierce HHS combos, Zhen Ci won the winner's bracket, only to lose twice to Yong Tau Foo in the Grand Finals. Remember kids- it's important to know *all* match ups with your main!

Third- Ash (Akuma). Throwing impressive FADC combos left and right, Ash knocked Yong Tau Foo into the losers bracket, only to get peaced out by Zhen Ci, then Yong Tau Foo.

Photos here:
(thanks to Benjamin for taking the photos and uploading them!)

Battle notes:

Loser's Semi final: Joseph Tan vs Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo played a commanding first round, getting the early combo and rushing down the rest of the match. Joseph took the lead in the second round, but was unable to hold it and got baited into eating an Ex Messiah> fadc> Ultra from Yong Tau Foo. Fighting for his tournament life, Joseph tried to zone out Yong Tau Fu out, but Yong Tau Foo closed the distance with a df+ Middle kick roll and wins the game with a throw.

Winner's Final: Zhen Ci vs Ash

Ash took the first round by pressuring well with stand HK and Demon flips and Zhen ci dominated the second round with painful HHS combos. In the 3rd round, we saw great use of c.LP and s.HK pokes by Zhen Ci. Ash tried to come back with more demon flip and s.HK pressure, but missed a Demon Flip reset in the corner, allowing Zhen Ci to seal his lead with a Hundred Hand Slap > FADC> Oichio throw tick. Ash was a hairsbreadth away from stealing the victory when a Fireball he threw was jumped over by Zhen Ci- Ash FADCed out of the fireball's recovery and Ultraed, trying to catch Zhen Ci as he reached the ground, but missed due to a split second's hesitation, and lost the game.

Loser's Finals: Yong Tau Foo vs Ash

Yong Tau Foo learnt fast after earlier loss to Ash and won this one with strong tactical play, anti-airing Demon Flips with d.MP and EX snake strikes. At a crucial point in the last round, Ash misses the low short combo, sealing his tournament fate.

Grand finals: Yong Tau Foo vs Zhen Ci

Game 1:
The game starts with lots of dive kick pressure by Yong Tau Foo and a clutch Ex Snake Strike to beat a Sumo Splash attempt. Zhen Ci launches a comes back with an Oichio tick but fails to keep the pressure on Yong Tau Fu and loses the round. In Round 2, Zhen Ci manages to put on some pressure, using forward jump MPs to beat Yong Tau Foo's crouch MP anti-air attempts. Pushing Yong Tau Foo in the corner, Zhen Ci applies pressure with vertical jump fierces, but fails to control Yong Tau Foo, and gets comboed into an Ultra and losing the game.

Game 2
Zhen Ci starts the match by trying to keep Yong Tau Foo out with jump fierces, and gets the lead when he lands a Oichio. Zhen Ci applies pressure with more jump MPs. Yong Tau Foo manages to get Zhen Ci him into the corner, but fails to capitalise and gets pushed out by a headbutt, and gets killed by jump fierces trying to get back in. Yong Tau Foo dominates the second round with dive kick rush down. At one point Zhen Ci manages to come back with his Ultra autocorrecting and nailing a dive kick cross up. However, the ultra doesn't nearly do enough damage, and Yong Tau Foo, still holding on to his life lead wins the second round. The last round starts with more dive kick pressure from Yong Tau Foo. At one point, a blocked dive kick is followed by another immediate dive kick which beat's Zhen Ci's throw attempt, leading into a Tornado combo which pushes Zhen Ci into the corner. Yong Tau Fu holds the lead by reversing with an EX Messiah Kick whenever Zhen Ci gets any momentum. Showing signs of an epic comeback, Zhen Ci lands an impressive Jump mp> stand MP> Fierce HHS> Roundhouse combo... but ultimate gets killed when he runs into yet another Ex Messiah kick.

A big thanks to all who took part and all who helped organise this. See you all at the next tournament!

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