Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept 12 tournament details!

Ok, finally, the details for the 12th Sept and TKA Virtualand tournaments are out.

Street Fighter IV Beginners Tournament

- Time & Venue: 12th Sep 2009 3pm @ TKA Bugis Virtualand
- Format: 1v1 double elimination
- No character change
- Fee: $2

Street Fighter IV 3v3 Team Tournament

- Time & Venue: 12th Sep 2009 7pm @ TKA Bugis Virtualand
- Format: KOF style 3v3 double elimination

- Each team must have 1 beginner
- No same characters allowed in a team ie. all 3 must be different characters.
- Fee: $6 per team
- 1 team captain to be selected

Some important notes for both tournaments:

- The 'pot' will be lesser this time: $1 for every tournament entrant, fully sponsored by TKA Virtualand. Tournament fee will now go towards covering Round1 admin costs etc.
- On the other hand, machines will be set to FREE PLAY! =) Basically, this means less winnings for the top 3 and more savings for everyone.
- Pot distribution same as always: 1st place- 50%, 2nd place- 30%, 3rd place- 20%

FAQS: Please read!!!

Q: What's the rules for '3v3 KOF Style'?
A: Winner stays. Beginner must be first person to go. 2nd and 3rd player can be decided after 1st player loses.

Q: Who can join the beginner's tournament?
A: If you consider yourself a beginner, you may join. Who are beginners?
1. a person or thing that begins.
2. a person who has begun a course of instruction or is learning the fundamentals: swimming for beginners.
3. a person who is inexperienced; novice.

Please note the words in bold. Even if you've never joined/won a tournament before, please have some integrity and DON'T JOIN this tournament if you feel like you are an intermediate player and above, IE: have a good grasp of this game's fundamentals or you are an EXPERIENCED player.

And last but not least, Round1 reserves the right to decline your Beginner's Tournament entry, which should be considered a compliment right? =)

Q: I can't find any teammates! Please help!
A: You can post a request in this thread. Good luck!

Q: Where can I register? Why should I pre-register?
A: Register for both tournaments here. Pre-registration helps us facilitate the tournament better, and ensures that you get a slot in case we get an overwhelming response.

Q: Why is m_flo24 so handsome?
A: I'm not sure why, but none can resist his charms!

Q: I have a question to ask that's not in this list of questions asked! Where can I ask?
A: The official Round 1 thread.

Q: Is that all?
A: Yes for now.

If you skipped through all those questions, just remember to register for either/both tournaments here.

It's been a while since we last had a tournament. I can't wait!

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